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Engagement Rings

Colucci’s is where ‘I do’ begins! Let us help you find the perfect rings for your big day, and the rest of your life.


Custom Jewelry

We pride ourselves on being expert craftsmen. We have custom items already in stock, but also have the ability to design and create anything you can dream up!


Repairs & Service

If you have a ring that needs a stone replaced or you simply have a chain that is broken, there is no job too big or too small. We will repair your jewelry with the attention to detail and care that you deserve.

Where North Charleston Shops for Jewelry, Engagement Rings & More

The memories of our life are constructed from details. Minute, but meaningful, the little subtleties of a smile or smell are what start to construct the stories that we go on to tell and remember. While some of life’s greatest memories are monumental occasions, these celebrations usually started with something small, a special moment reserved just for us. We celebrate the important people and moments in our lives with the beauty and permanence of jewelry: an outward expression of the inward love, honor and respect we have for those who we know deserve to be marveled at.

Take for instance, the engagement ring, one of the greatest traditions of human history. Traced as far back as the Ancient Egyptians—and even further in cultures that wrapped grass around their love’s finger—a ring has symbolized unending love long before it was ever formalized in a wedding ceremony. There is a sense of solidarity that can only be found in a ring.

Of these, the diamond ring is one of the purest, most elegant symbols of lifelong affection. Colucci’s offers diamonds that endure, with timeless style and fortitude that only a diamond can guarantee. When purchasing a diamond, it is necessary to understand the “4 C’s”: the carat, the color, the clarity and the cut.

The fifth C is Colucci’s. As North Charleston’s premiere provider of engagement rings, Colucci’s professional staff is composed of actual jewelers, not sales merchants. As experts on the qualities of fine diamonds, Colucci’s jewelers have well-trained eyes will help you find the perfect diamond.

Not every customer needs both a mount and a diamond, which is why Colucci’s offers semi-mount rings and loose diamonds. If you have a mount, perhaps a family heirloom, but would like to exchange an existing stone or fill an empty mount with a diamond, Colucci’s has an expansive collection of loose diamonds for you to select from. Likewise, if you have a stone that you would like to use, but are looking for a mount, our collection includes the largest selection of semi-mounts in the Charleston area.  Both of these services ensure you find the perfect fit for the one you love.

As a local North Charleston jeweler, Colucci’s strives to satisfy customers way beyond their initial expectations. For this reason, Colucci’s Jewelers offer a wide array of the best designers as well as our own custom work.

Colucci’s Jewelers also specializes in made-to-order rings. One such ring is a custom-crafted Mother’s Ring. Traditionally given to mothers and grandmothers, Mother’s Rings include the birthstone of their children or grandchildren. Mother’s Rings are an excellent gift from children to their mother for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas or Hanukah, or to a recent or expecting mother from a family member or friend.

The North Charleston jewelers at Colucci’s have all the jewelry needed to accessorize your wardrobe. We offer gold, platinum and silver bracelets to accent your outfit no matter the occasion, from gold tennis bracelets to sterling silver charm bracelets. Your look should be designed for you, which is why we offer custom-fitting services.

You can perfectly match one of our bracelets with a chain, pendant or a charm. Looking for a personalized pendant or charm? Colluci’s can take your imaginative ideas and craft it for you. We also sell complete sets of jewelry, pre-selected to perfectly create a match for your outfit.

Colucci’s Jewelers is proud to offer a huge selection of earrings. From every day wear to that once-in-a-lifetime event, we have the earrings for you! Along with more traditional earrings, Colucci’s is also one of Charleston’s leading providers in world-class pearl earrings and pearl necklaces. We gather the highest quality pearls from around the world, shipped to us, for you. Perfect for the Southern woman with a loving heart and an eye for the elegant, pearls bring class and beauty to any attire.

Colucci’s is also proud to be the only jewelry retailer in the Charleston area that is a licensed Seiko watch dealer. Seiko makes artfully crafted watches for both men and women.  Colucci’s is proud to carry this line of watches that has a history of excellence and attention to detail dating back to the 1880’s. Colucci’s  is certified to do watch repairs, from new watches to antique timepieces.

Our family-owned business can work with any budget. Your custom jewelry should match your budget accordingly, which is why we approach every piece of jewelry as a chance to create something alongside you. Additionally, if you are interested in finding the value of your jewelry through appraisal, our jewelers will be happy to do so for you.

Colucci’s also serves the Charleston area as a trustworthy source for jewelry repairs. All repairs are done on-site, by professional jewelers, who apply the same level of delicate care to each and every piece that they repair. No matter how big or small the job, Colucci’s understands that your jewelry is valuable to you far beyond the price tag.


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