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Colucci’s has served Charleston for more than 40 years. Call today or view our selection to find that special gift for that special someone.

The memories of our life are constructed from details. Minute, but meaningful, the little subtleties of a smile or smell are what start to construct the stories that we go on to tell and remember. While some of life’s greatest memories are monumental occasions, these celebrations usually started with something small, a special moment reserved just for us. We celebrate the important people and moments in our lives with the beauty and permanence of jewelry: an outward expression of the inward love, honor and respect we have for those who we know deserve to be marveled at.

As North Charleston’s premiere provider of engagement rings, Colucci’s professional staff is composed of actual jewelers, not sales merchants. As experts on the qualities of fine diamonds, Colucci’s jewelers have well-trained eyes will help you find the perfect diamond.

The North Charleston jewelers at Colucci’s have all the jewelry needed to accessorize your wardrobe. We offer gold, platinum and silver bracelets to accent your outfit no matter the occasion, from gold tennis bracelets to sterling silver charm bracelets.

Colucci’s also serves the Charleston area as a trustworthy source for jewelry repairs. All repairs are done on-site, by professional jewelers, who apply the same level of delicate care to each and every piece that they repair. No matter how big or small the job, Colucci’s understands that your jewelry is valuable to you far beyond the price tag.

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